VirtuOx VPOD Devices


Why Choose VirtuOx’s VPOD Series of Home Oximetry Devices?

VirtuOx’s VeriSleep is the cutting edge of CMS approved Overnight Oximetry Testing


We stand behind our products - All VPOD Pulse Oximetry devices come with an 18 month limited warranty


Our competitively priced oximeters offer cutting edge technology at an incredible value.


Patients transmit data from their homes directlyto our lab where reports are generated within seconds.


VPOD devices record High Resolution Pulse Oximetry and use GPRS for data transfer.


LCD displays, low-battery indicator lights, and high capacity batteries ensure easy operation.


VPOD Pulse Oximetry devices pair with VirtuOx software to create a semamiess testing experience.

VPOD CapOx Product Features

  • Data storage and transmission to VirtuOx Laboratory for Oxygen qualification
  • Temperature, Pressure compensation system and Zero readjustment system
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal applications
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

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VPOD Dream Product Features

  • TFT display of SpO2, Pulse, Perfusion Index and waveform
  • USB interface for data transfer
  • High Resolution Pulse Oximetry Recording
  • Compact and light-weights less than .26kgs

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VPOD Handheld Pro PulseOximeter

  • Good Study Indicator
  • Records in 1 second intervals
  • Uploads to virtuOx web-based platform
  • Powered by replaceable AA batteries

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VPOD Vital Pro Vital Sign Monitor

  • Accurate and responsive vital sign monitoring
  • Competitively priced and loaded with technology
  • Sleek,lighweight,and portable
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

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VPOD Freedom PulseOximeter

  • Real-time wireless transmission via 3G technology
  • FDA approved
  • GSM/CDMA cellular pulse oximeter
  • Real-time transmission from patient's home
  • Records in high-resolution pulse oximetry

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Read what our customers are saying

With the accuracy of VirtuOx’s VPOD product line, I can rest assured (no pun intended), that my patients’ results will be accurate. When my patients are happy, I am happy!

Joe Clintmore, VPOD Dream Customer

VirtuOx offers a truly all-in-one solution that has made my life so much easier! With user-friendly hardware and seamlessly integrated software, there is not much my patients and I have to do, which is fantastic.

Alex Markle, VPOD Product Customer

I have been working with patients doing pulse oximetry testing for sleep apnea and insomnia for quite some time, and VirtuOx’s VPOD Handheld PulseOximeter really changes the game. Would highly recommend VirtuOx and their suite of VPOD devices.

Eric Crane, VPOD Handheld Pro PulseOximeter Customer

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